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At the time, britain was eager to win jewish support for its war goals and for a british takeover of palestine from the ottoman empire. Pdf this article considers the theological influences on the balfour declaration. Selfish imperial agreements between britain and france, combined with the publication of the contradictory balfour declaration of 1917, fuelled hostilities in the middle east this article appeared in the sunday telegraph on 2 february 20 bad times ahead. December 1917 general sir edmund allenby and his officers entered the holy city of jerusalem at the jaffa gate, on. The making of the balfour declaration palestinian return centre. And then when the british issued their outline for how palestine would be governed, the contents of the balfour declaration were found in the league of nations july 1922 ratification. Balfour became mp for manchester east where he first met weizmann in 1885, and was prime minister from 190205.

Vintage photo of left to right viscount allenby field marshal edmund henry hynman allenby, 1st viscount allenby, earl balfour arthur james balfour, 1st earl of balfour and sir herbert samuel later to become 1st viscount samuel. The balfour declaration is a model of manipulation of people in power, of leverage, of the subvention of national policies to serve special interests that is demonstrated repeatedly, and often clandestinely, in public affairs. The balfour declaration influence on formation of israel. Themandate wasintended toencourage the development of selfgovernment. The british government decided to endorse the establishment of a jewish home in palestine. The statement came in the form of a letter from britains then foreign secretary, arthur balfour, addressed to lionel walter rothschild. A century on, the balfour declaration still shapes. Deklarasi balfour adalah pernyataan terbuka dari pemerintah inggris raya yang dikeluarkan semasa perang dunia i untuk menegaskan dukungannya terhadap penciptaan kediaman nasional di palestina bagi orang yahudi, manakala palestina masih menjadi bagian dari wilayah kedaulatan kekaisaran turki osmanli, dan masyarakat yahudi masih tergolong kaum minoritas di palestina. The balfour declaration why thank the british, given. Pdf on dec 1, 2018, efraim karsh published turks and arabs welcomed the balfour declaration find. It declared the united kingdom and the dominions to be. This project, carried over from britains 1917 balfour declaration, was. Balfour declaration, jules cambon, ecretarygeneral of the french foreign ministry, s issued a letter on prime minister ribots authority that endorsed the national rebirth of the jewish people in its ancestral homeland. Dear lord rothschild, i have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of his majestys government, the following declaration of sympathy with jewish zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the cabinet.

But it was a product of fear as much as of greed, if. General sir edmund allenby enters jerusalem in december 1917, a month after the balfour declaration. Prestate israel table of contents jewish virtual library. It was the product of behindthescenes wordsmithing and. Zionist jews sanction to populate palestine the british government first had contact with the zionist movement 1 in 1902, but the first murmurings about the idea of the restoration of the jews to palestine had surfaced some 60 years earlier. Behind the balfour declaration britains great war pledge to rothschild bankers this was the british governments promised payoff to the rotscgild bankers for their pressure on the usa to bail the brits out of world war 1, which the brits were losing. The balfour declaration an early step toward the creation of the nationstate of israel occurred in 1917, during world war i. Hulton archivegetty images published on wed 1 nov 2017 02.

The balfour declaration was the british governments pledge to help the jewish community build a national home in palestine and took the form of a letter penned on 2 november 1917 by british foreign minister lord balfour to lord rothschild, then serving bicom briefing the balfour declaration. Balfour declaration, statement on november 2, 1917, of british support for the establishment in palestine of a national home for jewish people. I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of his majestys government, the. Any event touching jerusalem always is significant. The balfour declaration was a public pledge by britain, declaring its aim to establish a national home for the jewish people in palestine. Allenby, commander of the egyptian expeditionary force that had driven the ottoman forces from the levant, and the emir hoped to expand this opening into a fullfledged empire with u. The contents of this letter became known as the balfour declaration. The balfour declaration was coauthored by lord balfour and andrew bonar law, both men were from scotland and greatly influenced by their biblical upbringings. Encyclopedia of jewish and israeli history, politics and culture, with biographies, statistics, articles and documents on topics from antisemitism to zionism. In the corridors of whitehall, britains colonial legacy is a ghost but for palestinians, it.

Chaim weizmann and the balfour declaration science, scientists and propaganda pdf. Balfour declaration to the palestine mandate martin gilbert on 22 july 1922, when the league of nations announced the terms of britains mandate for palestine, it gave prominence to the balfour declaration. For them, this statement was a gun pointed directly at their heads. Whether or not contemporary british statesmen considered it in these terms, it amounted to a declaration of war, launching an assault on the indigenous population. Allenby was born in 1861, the son of hynman allenby and catherine anne allenby nee cane and was educated at haileybury college. Looking back, balfours declaration has rightly been viewed as a. The balfour declaration of 1926, issued by the 1926 imperial conference of british empire leaders in london, was named after lord president of the council and former prime minister of the united kingdom arthur balfour. The balfour declaration, issued on 2 november 1917, is one of the most influential documents leading to the establishment of the state of israel. A decade later, as british foreign secretary, he wrote the document known as the balfour declaration, which. The declaration also said that britain supported plans for a jewish homeland in palestine. According to the mandate system created by the versailles treaty of 1919, britain was entrusted with. The balfour declaration dated 2 november 1917 was a letter from the united kingdoms foreign secretary arthur james balfour to baron rothschild walter rothschild, 2nd baron rothschild, a leader of the british jewish community, for transmission to the zionist federation of great britain and ireland november 2nd, 1917. When general allenby captured beer sheba on the 31st of october 1917 he sent a cable to.

The life and times of fieldmarshall viscount allenby 18611936 london. Clearing up some misconceptions about sykespicot on its. The most prominent events marking the early days of the modern zionist movement were the publication of theodor herzls the jewish state in 1896 and his calling of the first zionist congress in 1897. The balfour declaration was a 67word statement contained within a brief letter attributed to lord arthur balfour, the british foreign secretary, dated november 2, 1917. The balfour declaration was the first time in almost two millennia that a powerful empire had issued public support for the concept of a jewish homeland in their ancestral region. See matthew hughes, allenby and british strategy in the middle east 19171919 london. In 1922 the league of nations approved a british mandate over palestine and neighboring transjordan, and the provisions 494. The letter, known as the balfour declaration became the basis movement to create a jewish state in palestine. To understand that, all one has to do is look carefully at the map. The making of the balfour declaration springerlink. In 1917, when the balfour declaration was made, he was foreign secretary this was the partnership that eventually led to the letter known to this day as. Messianic bible when they are in the land of their enemies, i will not reject them, nor will i so abhor them as to destroy them, breaking my covenant with them. Herzl recognized that if the zionist dream of a homeland for the jewish people was to be realized, international approval of the idea had to be secured.

The infamous balfour declaration and the 1947 partition. Britain must atone for the balfour declaration the guardian. The issuance of the declaration had many long lasting consequences, and was a key moment in the leadup to the arabisraeli conflict, often referred to. Dear lord rothschild these three words helped to change the course of modern jewish history and ultimately create the state of israel. You consider that, circumstances permitting, and the independence of the holy places being safeguarded on the other. But the balfour declaration has another, less regarded, aspect it decided the future of the palestinian people. As we proudly approach the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the balfour declaration on 2nd november, rabbi sacks has recorded a short video reflecting on what this declaration meant in 1917, and what it means for us today. We would, nevertheless, recall that by resolution ix of the imperial war conference, 1917, due recognition was given to the important position held by india in the british commonwealth. Allenby were approaching jerusalem, which eventually fell on 9 december. This year is the centennial of one of the most criminal acts in modern history.

Balfour declaration international encyclopedia of the. Gods modern timeline for israel converging in 201718. British officials in palestine, including general edmund allenby, who. Allenby 1861 1936 was a british soldier who led the egyptian expeditionary force to notable victories in the middle east during ww1. The british peer arthur balfour barely makes an appearance in uk schoolbooks, but many israeli and palestinian students could tell you about him.

Pdf turks and arabs welcomed the balfour declaration. Balfour declaration 1926 page 4 of 14 defined by the government of india act, 1919. The balfour declaration, november 1917 the balfour project. A century old and as disputed as ever researchers at the shalom hartman institute dive into what the media is and isnt saying about the british letters meaning and. Balfour declaration of 1917 simple english wikipedia.

For the jewish people, it represented the beginning of the end of 2,000 years of statelessness. It was the arab activist george antonius who famously wrote of sykespicot that it was the product of greed at its worst. The balfour declaration was a november 2, 1917 letter from british foreign secretary arthur james balfour to lord rothschild that made public the british support of a jewish homeland in palestine. The balfour declaration of 1917 was a policy by the government of the united kingdom to discuss the partitioning of the ottoman empire after world war i. The declaration was contained in a letter dated 2 november 1917 from the united kingdoms foreign secretary arthur. Sir edmund allenby invaded palestine, capturing jerusalem in december. The balfour declaration may be the most extraordinary document produced by any government in world history. The mandatory should be responsible, the preamble stated, for putting into effect the declaration originally made on november. The balfour declaration 2 november 1917 hurewitz, j. But before that, a word on the purpose of sykespicot. Allenby entered the holy city alqudsjerusalem on foot as a victor of the last. The text itself is only a paragraph long, part of a letter from great britains foreign secretary arthur balfour 18481930 to lord walter lionel rothschild 18681937. For wwiera british policymakers, the balfour declaration was a matter of national interest, balanced by a desire to foster a jewish national home while ensuring arab civil and religious rights. Ii of the balfour declaration were written into the mandate.

Dear lord rothschild, i have much pleasure in conveying to you, on. After discussions within the cabinet and consultations with jewish leaders, the decision was made public in a letter from british foreign secretary lord arthur james balfour to lord walter rothschild. Britains secret reassessment of the balfour declaration. The influence of the balfour declaration on the course of postwar events was immediate. The balfour declaration may be a century old, but its effects are as firmly entrenched as ever. It was made in a letter from the british foreign secretary to a leader of the anglojewish community and was later included in the british mandate over palestine. The balfour declaration this letter to lord rothschild, by the british foreign secretary arthur james balfour, was aimed at jewish support for the allies in the first world war. General allenbys capture of jerusalem, along with the balfour declaration in november 1917, set in motion gods prophetic time clock which is active right down to today. The balfour declaration was a public statement issued by the british government in 1917 during the first world war announcing support for the establishment of a national home for the jewish people in palestine, then an ottoman region with a small minority jewish population. In 1917, balfour was foreign secretary to prime minister david lloyd george at a point, in the great war, when general edmund allenbys army was poised to take jerusalem from ottoman forces. He had no great desire to be a soldier, and tried to enter the indian civil service but failed the entry exam. It took the form of a letter from the government of his britannic majesty king george the fifth, the government of the largest empire the world has even known, on which once upon a time the sun never set. The balfour declaration was a statement of support made by the british government for the establishment of a national home for the jewish people in eretz.

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